Lists, Lists, Lists…

Two months of 2017 in the books in about 4 hours EST. What?? I haven’t started accomplishing anything yet. I just killed two months! How?!! What excuse can I find? I can certainly use the unusually sunny and super warm weather we have had so far this winter in New Jersey. So many 60 & 70 degree days. Even today. Only one snow day so far. And that lasted a whooping ten hours. Then, boom! Melted and sunny again. See, the weather kills time and creates conversation. Now back to my startling realization that two months have already passed in 2017…

Oh. I remember what I have done the past two months. Lists. Lists. Listing. And more Listing. Create more lists of all my goals and projects and tasks. Blah, blah, bah. I think I’m wasting my time listing. But when I list I feel productive. So I list, list, list. Tomorrow I will re-write todays’s list which has some of yesterday’s list on it. Next week’s list will no doubt have some of this week’s list on it. Next month’s list will have plenty of this month’s list on it too. Hell, I carried over some things from last year’s list. Which, by the way, was only two months ago. I did take down the outside Christmas lights this weekend. Cross that off the list.


I’m always making lists. And adding to them. I can’t stop thinking of all I need and want to do that I have to write it down and make a list. Is making lists a waste of time? How does one stop? I need to call someone. Intervention. Hey look, I finally updated my blog. Cross that off the list…


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