Finding My Own Path

“Sometimes the universe gives us what we need instead of what we want.”

Vision, goals, projects, tasks. Aspirations, deadlines, support, MY vision, connections. This is my focus. I am going to be the artist that I want to be. I refuse to compare myself to other artists (and yes, I’ve been guilty of doing this in the past, I’m sure I’m not alone). I don’t want to do what others think I should do. I’ve always done what I wanted. Kind of a cool trait as an adult, right?  But I can tell you that this frustrated the crap out of my mother when I was a kid… “Why can’t you be a normal kid?”…”Where’s the fun in that, mom?”…<heavy mom sigh> “Where did I go wrong??”… Miss those days. And mom.

Now back to an almost warm January day in the studio, throwing some paint on my newest Sunflower piece. Embracing my graphic design and doodling style. Onward to following my own path.

PS. I think I gave mom what she needed, not what she wanted. And she loved it!

Adding some cool, chilly January colors to a warm, sunny piece. Watercolor and ink to start, next up some colored pencil work. And more ink!

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