Focus, Focus, FOCUS!!!

I’m back. I suck at blogging. Or I USED to suck at blogging. I’m like Dug in “Up”….”SQUIRREL!”…so easily distracted. And by the way, I’m not a fan of the term “blogging” being an artist, I prefer “writing.”

Art IS MY PASSION, as is Photography. But when the sun is out and temps gets to a bearable degree, I need to be outside. I find my art in nature. Obviously…if you’ve ever viewed my pieces. But something calls me to be outdoors. And if someone says “road trip!”…I’m the first in the car.

2016 started with good intentions of pushing Studio Amy to the next level. All full steam ahead. Then an old friends surprise wedding happened. In Kentucky. Did someone say “road trip?” Yep, 11 hours in the car and lots of fabulous moments and memories made. Three weeks later, there was a cousin by marriage’s wedding. Party!!!! Three days later, the family packed up for Key West fun, then a drive through the Everglades and up the Gulf Coast of Florida for some visits with relatives and more exploring of places I haven’t yet seen. I want to see as much as possible in this life!

Summer birthdays and a new 9-5 job to pay the bills and suddenly I have a teenage driver in the house and we are filling out college apps then BOOM!…the freakin holidays snuck in. I know, this shouldn’t surprise me at all, after all the calendar is the same every year. Except for that leap year thing. BUT…I did FOCUS on my passion. Knowing how easily distracted I am, I knew I needed some help in planning my art career. This is something I will be doing well into my retirement years. I will always be creating. So I knew I needed guidance to put me on my future path. That is when I found Art Biz. I signed up for a five month long course in business for my art career and have been given all the resources to sensibly market myself and my art. Best move I’ve made for my easily distracted self.

2016 was my year for learning, receiving guidance and the tools to professionally create my business model and now, 2017 I will be implementing. I have goals set and written for every single month of 2017. Sooooo…here we go. Goals are set and….I even got back in the studio today. And dumped some Christmas decorations in the attic. Happy 2017!



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