Mind Mapping

I have issues. I suffer from brain clutter. In my mind I can do EVERYTHING! All these fantastic ideas and things to accomplish are constantly spinning and multiplying in my head but never seem to come to full fruition. My head is a lottery machine spinning the numbers but my winning number is never released. UGH!

Some women buy shoes, I buy notebooks.

I’m an artist, so my mind naturally spins idea after idea, 24/7. There is no off button. Almost everything I see or read adds another ball to my lottery machine. I also have an addiction to notebooks. I tend to convince myself that each and every notebook I see, can and will be used for one specific task only. HA! Just like when I was eight and my Barbie needed all those pairs of boots. If only I had one matching pair for her.

How do I train my mind to stop spinning and start putting some ideas in piles?

Did I mention I’m an artist? Well, being that, I’ve always preferred doodling to taking notes so when I came across a post from Red and Honey on Mind Mapping I had to dive in. Ok, so a big part of it was the photo of a notebook…but…

This reeled me in because I do take notes in an illustrative fashion similar to how Beth describes mind mapping. I have always started with a main title and enclosed that in a big thick rectangle but I never branched out. I just wrote bullet after bullet of things to do without categorizing. Ideas were just listed as they came to me in no particular order or filed under any distinct subject.

This works for me, I’m a visual person who loves to doodle.

I’m seriously going to try this. I have about four main “areas” (there really are more than four but that just seems too overwhelming at the moment) where I am working and need to keep them separated from each other, from my new art series I’m painting to photo editing that needs to be done to my volunteer event coming up to creating that college checklist for my 16 year old.


Soothe the clutter.

Fingers crossed that this process may rid me of bullet points forever and leave me breathing easy!

Thanks to Beth for her blog on mind mapping. I’m starting now…after I go buy a new notebook.


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