Road Trip Revelation #2

Driving a very tall family of four from New Jersey to Kentucky requires quite a few rest stops to stretch the legs. After leaving before dawn to avoid the usually unpleasant PA turnpike morning rush, hunger, a tank of gas, and a cup of coffee served in a real mug were screaming to be heard. Siri told us to get off of 1-68 in Grantsville, Maryland and that’s where we found a little slice of country heaven in the mountains of Western Maryland.


At first glance we thought maybe this wouldn’t be a good choice for us. The place was busy, people entering and leaving consistently but we noticed everyone was much older than us. Not sure if a couple of Jersey kids and their teenagers should enter what seemed like a tight knit, super small town establishment. Maybe they would point us to Denny’s or McDonalds. I decided to check out the bathroom first (of course I had to go but it was a good excuse to get a “feel” for the place before bringing the family in). Glad I had to pee! This was a hotel/restaurant built in 1842 along the National Trail that served stagecoaches and covered wagons crossing the mountains. It still is today, but this time serving a grey Honda also crossing the mountains. Once I saw the Amish bakery and shop inside, I grabbed the family and said this is where we want to eat!


Once in the dining room, all noise shut off and friendly faces greeted us and poured real, hot coffee. Breakfast simply hit the spot, down home cooking at its best. Just a simple western omelette but it was probably the best western omelette I’ve ever tasted. And did I mention that it just felt good to be able to drink a cup of coffee from a real mug? So what if we were a tad younger than everyone in the dining room. This was a perfect spot to shake off some interstate driving.

After breakfast, the bridge at the end of the street was calling us, so naturally we had to check it out. We found the Cassleman River and a bunch of artisan shops nearby. Naturally, we pulled over and out came the cameras! Kentucky trip put on hold momentarily  to capture some beautiful small town charm and history, even though there were teenage groans in the background.


Thanks to a grumbling stomach, low tank of gas and Siri, we stumbled upon a great little gem. Had some good food, great conversation (the man on the porch complimented my “fancy Nike sneakers”), snapped some cool photos and best of all…never had to step into  a Denny’s or McDonald’s for breakfast. Win, win!…”NOW can we get back on the road to Kentucky already??”…as said by two grumbling teenagers.



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