Stop And Smell The Roses

You ever wonder why you do something out of your comfort zone?

Creating art with roses is a far cry from my usual beachy shtick. There isn’t a sun involved, or crashing waves or my usual blend of blues and purples…ok, I did throw some in my roses. It’s my art I can make my flowers any color I want.

I think these roses are another one of my signs from my mom. Over Thanksgiving weekend 2015, mom’s dream had finally come true of leaving this planet and hopefully being reunited with her teenage love (aka Dad) somewhere in her heaven. When she began her decline, mom started to question her faith to me during one of my visits. She stopped herself short and just said to me, “If there is something else out there when I die, I’ll send you a sign.” Well, the night of her death, my glass topped art table suffered a mysterious and super loud bang, that shot me out of my seat! And the table was completely clear, nothing on it. AND all the icons on my computer desktop were suddenly aligned in perfect rows (mom was a certifiable neat freak). The kicker for me was finding a jacket for her funeral at Macy’s (our favorite shopping date together since I was 12), which had a price tag of $119. I loved the style and material so much that I just had to go try it on, if only to escape the numbing feeling of suddenly being parentless and the madness of Black Friday Weekend shoppers. Wouldn’t you know it, the jacket was perfect on me in every way?! Next to mint chocolate chip ice cream, the next best invention is the price checker kiosk. I told myself, “mom, if you are with me right now, this jacket better be super cheap! And by super cheap, I wouldn’t go higher than $40. Price check – $32! My last gift from mom!

I still haven’t completely succumbed to the idea that there may actually be an afterlife somewhere (or heaven or however you would like to describe it), because mom knows my stubborn ways. I will have to find out on my own, even though she continues to send me signs (stop moving my Post-It notes, mom! They are to stay directly under my monitor please!!). Then possibly I can haunt Baby Bird (my daughter) someday…


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